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Country Light Premium Candles, No-Stick Tarts & 7 Hour Soy Tea Lights
All of our candles and tarts are made from all natural ingredients - premium soy or palm wax and all cotton wicking.


Crystalline Palm Candles offer a romantic glow that lasts for hours.  Choose your favorite fragrance from over 100 popular scents, or choose unscented.

Natural Soy Votives - Wrapped, Unwrapped or custom labeled

  Our 15 hour Soy Votives come unwrapped, wrapped or custom labeled for your wedding or special occasion. Available in all of our scents or choose unscented.  Volume discounts are available.

Premium Soy Tea Lights for long lasting burn time

  Our premium soy tea lights are made with Soy wax in clear cups for long, clean burning.  You'll enjoy their beautiful display in rich gorgeous colors.  Scented or unscented.  Custom orders are no problem!

Individually Wrapped No Stick Wax Tarts made from Palm Wax

  Long lasting, heavily scented NO-STICK wax tarts made from all natural Palm Wax.  Each one will last up to 36 hours!  Volume discounts are available.

Mulled Burgundy and Blood Oranges Soy Glow Pot

  Filled with either our natural palm or soy wax, our container candles offer long lasting fragrance plus attractive decor. 

  Enjoy the go...with our Glow-to-Go travel candles made from pure Soy. Available in over 100 fragrances.  Custom labeling is available on our popular 2 ounce travel candle tin.


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Crystalline Bath Pillars made from Palm Wax


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Country Light Crystalline Palm Wax Pillar