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Premium No-Stick Scented Natural Wax Tarts & Tart Warmer / Burner Kits > NO-STICK Scented Wax Tarts - Bag of 12 - Wrapped
NO-STICK Scented Wax Tarts - Bag of 12 - Wrapped
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Orig. Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $22.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: NSWS-12-W

Discounted price for a bag of 12 tarts - mix & match scents.  Each tart will be individually wrapped and labeled.  Choose to have me select 12 random favorites for you in a scent theme of your choice or you can specify quantity per fragrance selections in box provided. 

Refer to our Fragrance List for scent descriptions.

****Read a review of Country Light No-Stick Wax Tarts by - the "site where it all makes scents" 

Note:  these are not floating candles - they have no wick to burn.  You melt them in a tart burner specifically made for tarts.

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