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Premium No-Stick Scented Natural Wax Tarts & Tart Warmer / Burner Kits > NO-STICK Wax Tart - Individually Wrapped
NO-STICK Wax Tart - Individually Wrapped
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Our wax tarts are the best you will find.  They are heavily scented and made from our all natural palm wax.  They will scent a room for up to 36 hours...some scents even longer!  And, they will NOT stick to your burner.  No more putting your burner in the freezer or pouring melted wax into a cup when your fragrance is gone. With our tarts, you can switch them even before the fragrances runs out.  Just slip the hardened wax into a zip-lock bag and save it for later.

Refer to our Fragrance List for scent descriptions.

Note:  these are not floating candles - they have no wick to burn.  You melt them in a tart burner specifically made for tarts.