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Things that make us Green
This list is ongoing......

Country Light Candle Company is very serious about doing whatever we can, however small, to reduce our carbon footprint to protect our planet, our country and our future generations.  This list is ongoing as we continue to investigate eco-friendly products and processes.

  • Our candles are made with pure natural waxes, not blends of paraffin or any other petroleum based substance.
  • We purchase all soy wax cultivated from US farmers
  • We purchase sustainable palm wax that does not damage ecosystems
  • We use only phthalate-free fragrance oils, including synthetic fragrances and essential oils
  • All of our candle wicks are made of pure cotton in the USA
  • Our color dyes are eco friendly - they are soy based and do not contain hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalen
  • Products used to make our candles are never tested on animals and no ingredients are on the California Prop 65 list of cancer causing ingredients
  • Our candles are made entirely by hand, no machinery to pour, wrap or package is used.
  • Our workshop is made from recycled wood and windows and is heated by a wood stove
  • We purchase recycled paper and boxes from USA suppliers
  • We re-use peanuts, boxes, newspaper and packaging materials from other companies
  • Our printer cartridges are recycled and/or refilled
  • Our tea light cups are the highest standard of polycarbonate, certified flame retardant.  Go to to find recycle centers in your area - search on #7 Plastic (Other) and enter your zip code for a list.
  • We have eliminated shrink and bubblewrap for our 100 pack tea lights in favor of a recycled cardboard retail box made in the USA


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