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Valentine's Day Sale
Valentine's Day Sale - candle holders, jar candles and more
Jan 18, 2018
January thru March Discount Code
Enter Q1SAVE in the shopping cart (prior to checkout) and receive 18% off your order. Good thru March 2018
Jan 15, 2018
One more day to save 25% off everything!
Make Your Own Sale - 25% off everything at
Nov 26, 2017
Black Friday thru Cyber Monday 25% off Code
Make your own sale with 25% off coupon code
Nov 24, 2017
Spring/Summer Tart Warmer SALE
All spring and summer style tart warmers are on sale thru the end of the month
Jul 10, 2017
Almost Summer Sale on Candle Holders
All candle holders including Christmas, Halloween, Spring and Summer styles are on sale thru June.
Jun 3, 2017
New Year, New Discount Code
First Quarter discount code is Q1SAVE and gets you 17% off your order (no minimum)
Jan 24, 2017
4th Quarter Discount Code & Autumn Candle Sale
Save 15% off your order (sale & regular priced merchandise) with code Q4SAVE.
Oct 3, 2016