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Country Light Master Color Chart for Premium Soy Tea Lights & Votives
Please consider purchasing a 4 pack sampler of tea lights or votives in the colors you are interested in as we will no longer give refunds for our colors not matching this chart or what you think the color should be.  Refer to our policies below....

Our Policies regarding the colors of our Soy or Palm Wax Candles:

Our colors may change slightly from batch to batch as we make all of our colored candles by hand, to order.  So please be sure you order enough for your event as a re-order may not match exactly.  Colors shown in the chart are a guideline only and due to computer monitor differences, your tea lights or votives may be lighter or darker, or even a slightly different shade than the color shown. My camera just can't capture the exact color of the wax and some shades pictured above are a little off from the actual color (eg. Periwinkle is a bit more purple, dusty pink is a bit more "dusty", meadow brown & ivory cream are a bit darker etc)  Due to the wax consistency, votives are usually darker than tea lights. Soy candles do not take to color as well as other waxes so darker shades require extra color dye and this may affect the burn characteristics of your candle (e.g. lower flame, shorter or longer burn time).  When soy candles burn and the wax liquefies, the color darkens a few shades. 

All of our color dyes are completely eco-friendly and made from soy wax.  They contain no paraffin or hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene.  Our dyes are never tested on animals and NO ingredients are on the California Prop 65 list of cancer causing ingredients.

UPDATE JANUARY 2014 - PLEASE NOTE:  SOY WAX FROSTS!  We have been somewhat successful in the past at preventing frost on our candles (mostly jars) but our wax supplier has eliminated botanical oils added to the wax and so now all of our wax is 100% pure soy wax and any temperature fluctuation in the room while the candle is setting can cause frosting on the jar or tops of the candle.  If presentation is a must for your candle jar, you can pop it in the microwave (without the metal top) for 30 seconds at a time to remelt the wax off the sides of the jar and let it SLOWLY re-harden.  (the metal tab on the wick is protected by the wax from sparking in your microwave unless you totally melt the wax - do not totally melt the wax).  It will look better....for awhile until the temperature fluctuates again.

Our soy candles are non returnable, non refundable.  Please review our return policies prior to purchasing.  Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing your Premium Soy Tea Lights.