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Discontinued scents = 50% off select candle styles

Aug 11, 2012

Hi there! Just a quick note to let you know about our discontinued scent list. It's sad to say goodbye to some favorites but we need to make room for new scents. Time to change things up a bit :O)

So while supply lasts, enjoy 50% of select sizes of Premium Soy Tea Lights, Votives, Pillars, No-Stick Wax Tarts and our large sized silhouette jar in over 35 fabulous premium scents. Tremendous savings for all natural candles. Plus you can use your discount code HOT20 to get an additional 20% off! This coupon code is good through the end of the month and valid on all orders $25 or more (excl wholesale).

Below are the scents we are discontinuing: To order, just go to and go to the Clearance/Closeout page for this sale as well as other discounted items.

Thanks for your patronage and I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Amaretto Sour - orange, cherry, amaretto, nuts
Apples 'n Acorns - apples, woods, nuts
Apricot Freesia - apricots & freesia blossoms
April Showers - sweet flowers, ozone
Asian Plum - Plum,Orchid,Daffodil,Jasmine,Musk,Vanilla
Blueberry Buckle - blueberries,cake,vanilla icing
Candied Chestnuts - pralines, butter, chestnuts, honey
Chai Tea - green tea,lemon,peppermint leaves,white amber
Chestnuts & Brown Sugar- Caramel,Butter,Chestnuts,Sugar,Vanilla
Christmas Ale-clove spice, citrus peel,wheat ale
Cinnaberry - berries & cinnamon
Easter Orchid - orchid, sweet pink peony, soft marine
Enchanted Apple - mcintosh apple
Farmer's Market - cider,orange,cinnamon,clove,nutmeg
French Vanilla Pear - pears,vanilla cream
Gingerbread- brown sugar,honey,ginger,cinnamon,clove
Goji Berry Bliss-goji berries,loganberries,gooseberries, valencia, pomegranate, musk
Green Clover Aloe - Aloe & Clover,Jasmine, Wood, Musk
Harvest - cinnamon bark, clove bud
Magnolia Blossoms - magnolia
Mango Tango - mango, guava, green melon, raspberry, pineapple
Maple Pecan Streussel - Maple, Pecan,Cake Accord
Mayan Gold - Patchouli, Plumeria and Sweet Orange
Midsummer Night - Lime, Lavender, Lily and Patchouli
Monkey Surprise - tropical fruit,coconut cream, bubblegum
Mulled Burgundy & Blood Orange - oranges,mulberries,wine
Plumberry Spice - wild berry,plum,warm spices, persimmon, grapefruit, spruce
Red Currant & Thyme - red currant, thyme,black tea
Sage & Pomegranate - botanicals, sage, sweet pomegranate,tropical ferns
South Pacific Waters - ocean air, sea moss and vetiver grasses
Spiced Potpourri - Clove, Nutmeg,Apple,Heliotrope,Orange, Carnation, Musk,Juniper Berry,Cassia Root
Sugar Plum - sugared plums and holiday berries
Sugared Shortbread - Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Butter, Sugar Cookie
Tulips in Bloom - tulips
White Tea & Ginger - exotic tea with ginger