Country Light All Natural Crystalline Palm Pillars
made from pure Palm Wax and all cotton wicks.  Enjoy discounted pricing on larger quantity purchases!  Mix & Match Scents!

Enjoy the glow with our all natural crystalline pillars made from pure tropical palm oil for a clean and environmentally friendly burn.   Learn about Palm Wax and the Environment and why our Palm Wax is best!

We use all-natural palm wax and 100% cotton wicks in our pillars for a clean and environmentally friendly burn.  Our pillars are scented to the max; their crystalline finish is so unique and beautiful.  They actually sparkle!  Very similar to hurricane candles, they leave a thin outer shell that shows off the crystalline design, offering a warm glow that lasts for hours with less waste than the leading brands.


We have all natural container and jar candles too - made from SOY or PALM wax!  learn more...

*To keep your Country Light Crystalline Pillar glowing brightly for hours, please follow our specific burning instructions.

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