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Premium No-Stick Scented Natural Wax Tarts & Tart Warmer / Burner Kits
Country Light No-Stick Scented Wax Tarts are the longest lasting, heavily scented wax tarts available. Browse thru our wide selection of unique tart warmers. Kits include No-Stick Wax Tart & 7 Hr Soy Tea Light!

ELECTRIC Burners do not require a flame to melt the wax.  They use a light bulb or warming plate. Just plug them in & enjoy. No-Stick Wax Tart included

Standard Tart Burners are usually one piece and use tea lights to melt the tart.  A No-Stick Wax Tart & Premium Soy Tea Light is included with each burner!

Oval Openwork Tart Burner extra large size

Save with our bulk bags of No-Stick Wax Tarts, the longest lasting tarts on the market and best of all, they won't stick to your burner.  Just let them harden and they slip right out.  Use them over and over again - up to 3 days for most scents! 
Note: these are not floating candles; they have no wick to burn.  Melt them in a tart burner specifically made for tarts.


Browse through our catalog of ELECTRIC Tart Burners - no flame required, just plug them in and enjoy fabulous fragrances all throughout the house.  A free No-Stick Wax Tart is included with every burner!    
Our Premium Soy Tea Lights work best with all tart burners.  They're all natural and long lasting - 7 hours on average!  Browse through our tea light catalog for deals on bulk quantities.    
Gorgeous hand blown tart lamps hand made in the USA by One Eared Cow Glass Company, supplier of Country Light No-Stick Wax Tarts.    One Earred Cow Glass