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*our testing environment consists of burning the tea light on a wooden shelf without a container.  For longest burn times, keep tea light free of drafts and in at least a 2" dia container made of glass or ceramic.  Metal will conduct the heat and make the candle burn faster as will sitting your tea light in sand or other conductive material (water, marbles, or tight fitting containers where air cannot circulate).

**Important notice about tea lights made in clear cup containers - Don't settle for inferior plastic cups that may easily melt or leak through!  Our tea light cups are certified to be manufactured using only 100% clear, flame retardant polycarbonate, widely accepted as the safest polymer resin available for this application. Polycarbonate is a lightweight, transparent polymer which maintains a very high melt point and is practically impossible to shatter.  Country Light Candle Company encourages you to verify that your candle containers are not manufactured using Polystyrene, PVC (vinyl), Clear PET (Polyester) or Acrylic as these materials are not safe for use as candle containers.  With any candle container, improper use (enclosing in a too tight fitting holder or burning multiple candles close together) can cause the cup to soften and change shape.

RECYCLE YOUR CUPS!  Visit to find your nearest recycling center for #7 Plastic!

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